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TrueView Products is a manufacturer of fiber optic technician equipment and supplies for the telecommunication industry. Recognized worldwide for our versatile fiber inspection microscope, we also manufacture; continuity testers, workstations, polishing pucks, polishing plate/pad assemblies, and much more. TrueView continues to design new innovative equipment based on fiber optic technicians expectations for comfort, reliability, and versatility. All TrueView Products are designed and manufactured in the USA.

Established in Phoenix, AZ in 1996, TrueView has grown to a fiber optic tool line of over 35 quality products and multiple US patents. TrueView products, originator of oblique view fiber optic microscope technology, is recognized by some of the largest fiber optic manufacturing and distribution companies in the world with over 35 distributors in the US. Our versatile fiber optic products are recognized around the world and are featured in over 20 industry leading catalogs.

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